Amilu handbags are designed in the Peak District in their small office of mainly women. They are passionate about the Amilu brand and always strive to back up our product quality with design. 

Their lovely bags are manufactured by small family businesses, mostly based in and around Tuscany, the heart of the Italian leather industry. Here we can access all the latest leather finishes and incorporate them quickly into our designs. It is the original textures and colour combining that make Amilu bags stand out and that is at the heart of our design ethos.

Amilu are not a big showy company, hanging off the arm of every celeb, more of a well kept but steadily growing secret thanks to happy customers and word of mouth. They want women to feel good using their bags, happy and confident in the knowledge that a great looking bag makes a statement and shows the world you are different and capable of great things.

Inspired by the stunning North Coast of Northern Ireland where the vast Atlantic Ocean meets the sandy shores and crashes against the breath-taking cliffs, shaping the majestic coastline. Translated from the Hebrew meaning of ‘light’ and ‘splendour’, the Zohara collection showcases a variety of beautiful and exquisitely crafted handbags.

Crafted from Pebble and Saffiano real leather, the Zohara handbag collection comprises of 9 stunning designs which are a fusion of classic and elegant styling, mixed with contemporary finishes and detailing.  

Each Zohara piece is crafted from only the finest materials and captures the splendour of The Causeway Coast and makes everyday luxury affordable.

The Zohara collection is the perfect amalgamation of style, fashion and functionality.

Deluxe leather bags and accessories for Men. Designed in Britain. Hand made in Italy. Caracalla 1947 is named after the famous Italian circuit in Rome on which Ferrari won its first race on 25th May 1947. The brainchild of founder and CEO Simon Jordan, they specialise in producing hand made Italian leather goods inspired by the world of motorsport.

At Caracalla they use only the very best material. They select calf shoulder hides sourced from French cattle, as they are cared for and reared in well-kept fields. Selected and colour graded by an experienced hand and eye, ensuring only the finest materials are chosen for the crafting of each and every item.

The strong and durable polyester thread with high-breaking strength and optimum stretch characteristics features in all items. High performance standards are essential and it's interesting to note the same quality thread is used in the manufacture of seat belts and air bags.

Their selected tannery is based in the Tuscan district of Santa Croce sull' Arno, renowned for its artisans which use only quality vegetable-tanned leather and traditional methods and finishes to produce the finest leather.


Exquisite leather bags and accessories made from 100% cow hide leather.

Morgan.M is a brand inspired by native England – Moors, Highlands and Victorian architecture fused with the latest fashion trends from modern day London. Every product in the Morgan.M collection is made from authentic cow hide that is sourced from the finest tanneries across the world. The hide is then crafted into elegant bags and accessories using latest tanning processes that bring out the best in the leather.

At Morgan M, upmost importance is given to the producing sleek and discreet bags that are both practical and classy. The Morgan M collection is designed for both business and casual use so buyers are not limited to where and how they use their Morgan M bag.